About Us

Capitol Academy and the Black Government Contracting Club (BGCC) have collaborated to present to you the inaugural Micro Accelerator Course. This course is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the following organizations Workforce Development Institute, Lehman College, Innovative Community Solutions, and the Lindsay GroupThe goal of the course is to empower local Black New York based businesses to build a pipeline into government contracting by utilizing a proactive business development strategy.

Founded in 2020, BGCC is a social enterprise aiming to increase the amount of Black enterprises that do business with the government across the United States. Our sole mission is to increase the amount of federal, state, and local contracts that are awarded to Black owned businesses and build a network of Black small business owners working together to procure high-level opportunities.

Founded in 2020, Capitol Academy is a subsidiary of Capitol Consulting Strategies, LLC and provides and enables organizations to provide premier training in business development, governmental relations, political and non-profit strategy.

Why the Micro Accelerator?

  • Program Overview

    Build Organizational Capacity

    The BGCC Micro Accelerator aims to help Black-Owned Businesses craft unique opportunities targeting the billions of dollars of Technology procurement projected in the Biden Administration infrastructure bill, The American Jobs Plan. Participating business owners will benefit from the expertise of the BGCC team, creating unique opportunities to become thought leaders in the space and build capacity by collaborating with other like-minded businesses.

  • Key Micro Accelerator Program Elements

    Learning through Application of Concepts

    ★ Instructor led presentations ★ Collaboration with peer Power Teams ★ Advisor supported independent work

  • Learn from and Collaborate with Experts

    As a participant, each week you will

    ★ Engage in instructor-led presentations during virtual class; ★ Collaborate with assigned Power Teams; ★ Have individually scheduled time with advisors and; ★ Apply learning concepts through independent work to master concepts, resulting in the finalization of a capstone project.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Phase 1, Week 1, Week of July 19th

    • July 20th, 12 noon - 1 PM: Live Session, Orientation

    • July 20th Orientation Recording

    • July 22nd, 12 noon - 1 PM: Live Breakout Session

    • July 22nd Breakout Recording

  • 3

    Phase 2, Week 2, Week of July 26th

    • July 27th Recording

    • July 27th, 12 noon - 1 PM: Live Session, Market Research

    • Group Paper Outline

    • Overview of Key Funding Provisions within the Invest in America Act, HR 3684

    • HR 3684 Member Based Projects

    • Sales and Marketing Strategy Overview

    • July 29th, 12 noon - 1PM: Live Breakout Session

  • 4

    Phase 3, Week 3, Week of August 2nd

    • August 3rd, 12 noon - 1PM: Live Session, Identifying Opportunities

    • August 3rd Recording - Identifying Opportunities

    • August 5th, 12 noon - 1PM: Live Breakout Session

    • August 5th Assignment Due: Power Team Black Paper Outline

    • August 5th Assignment Due: Capabilities Statement

  • 5

    Phase 4, Week 4, Week of August 9th

    • August 10th, 12 noon - 1PM: Live Session, Goals for Growth

    • August 12th, 12 noon - 1PM: Live Break out Session

  • 6

    Phase 5, Week 5, Week of August 16th

    • August 17th, 12 noon - 1PM: Key Performance Indicators and Goal Setting

    • August 19th Session

  • 7

    Phase 6, Week 6, Week of August 23rd

    • August 23rd, Assignment: Presentation to Agencies